Why a VPN is better than a Proxy


While both a proxy and a VPN can connect you to a remote computer, they are not exactly the same. One of these two can not give you a secure connection. So, is a proxy more effective than a VPN? Or is it the other way around? Read on to find out.

What is a proxy?

Acting as middle-man between your computer and the greater internet, a proxy server (or proxy) can make your location appear as if it were elsewhere. All your internet activities come from random locations around the world. However, a proxy only hides your IP address but it cannot encrypt data coming in and out of your computer. Therefore, your data is not safe while using a proxy.

Proxy servers are good for light tasks only. One example is watching YouTube videos that are restricted in your region. Or when you want to bypass some simple filters on certain content. In addition, because proxies can hide your IP address, they are excellent for multiple voting in online games, where the one-vote-per-IP policy is common.

Searching for the best free proxy server is not difficult at all, there are many of them on the web. Just make sure that the free proxy database that you visit is a well-established one. But remember, a free service comes with an optional subscription or premium package. This means you have to pay if you want to access all the best features of the service.

What is a VPN?

The ability to hide your IP address is what makes a VPN similar to a proxy. But what makes a VPN different is that your data, whether coming in or out of your computer, is encrypted.

To understand this type of encryption process, the data coming from the greater internet does not go directly to your computer. The VPN acts as a checkpoint, it only allows encrypted data to pass through to your computer. Likewise, encrypted data coming out from your computer will first enter the VPN and on to the greater internet.

Whether you’re on your home network or anywhere in the world, you can easily make configurations for your laptop to use a VPN. This eliminates the risk of exposing your personal information when using free wi-fi in hotels and restaurants.

Why is a VPN better than a proxy?

  • a VPN is more secure than the free proxy because all your internet activities, traffic, and valuable information are encrypted.
  • with its IT infrastructure, there is no interruption in your online gaming and media streaming
  • a VPN can protect your computer from hacking, phishing, and all sorts of malware

Tunnello Google Chrome VPN

Tunello is an amazing next generation VPN available on Google Chrome. This Google Chrome extension is blazing fast, simple, and free. It is a VPN extension that uses a new technology that makes it 10 times faster than any other VPN. Tunello is available in more than 13 countries and is accessible to all devices whether it’s your desktop PC, your mobile phone, or tablet.

Tunello VPN is the perfect solution to bypass firewalls, unblock geo-restricted content from TV channels or websites, and most importantly–protect your privacy.

Disclaimer: This is just a mock web content/ promotional article for a VPN company. Tunello is just a random choice. 


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